Packraft Fishing

Packraft fishing
Imagine combining the thrill of exploring remote waterways packrafting with the joy of fishing - that's packraft fishing for you. It's a unique blend of adventure and angling, where you navigate water bodies in a small, portable inflatable raft, often just big enough for you and your gear. This rapidly growing sport is attracting enthusiasts who crave the excitement of reaching untouched fishing spots, places that bigger boats can't access. Whether you're floating on a serene lake or maneuvering through gentle river currents, packraft fishing is about immersing yourself in the natural world in a way that's both exhilarating and respectful of the environment.
Equipment and Setup:
Diving into the world of packraft fishing, you'll want to get your hands on the right gear. Think of a packraft that's like your trusty backpack - strong, roomy, but still light enough to handle with ease. We're a fan of inflatable models; they're a breeze to carry around and store. Now, about your fishing essentials: go for gear that won't weigh you down. Compact rods, reels that are easy to travel with, and a simple tackle kit are your best friends here. Keep everything organized and dry (thank goodness for KiffLab waterproof bags!) and strap them down securely to your raft. It's all about keeping things neat and safe.
Safety and Preparedness:
In the world of packraft fishing, playing it safe is non-negotiable. A snug life jacket is a must, just like keeping an eye on the sky and water conditions. Your personal safety kit should always include a first-aid kit, a trusty knife, and something waterproof in a dry bag to call for help if needed. Note though, that handling your packraft can be tricky at first. In fast waters, it’s all about keeping steady and steering clear of trouble. On calmer surfaces, be as quiet as a mouse to keep the fish from bolting.
Fishing Techniques and Tips:
Fishing from a packraft? It’s a whole different game. You’re right there at water level, so stealth is key. Drift fishing is something to enjoy - just let the current do its thing. Or find a spot that looks fish-friendly and drop anchor. Light lures and flies are usually your best bet, fitting the gentle approach of packraft fishing.
Transportation and Accessibility:
The fun thing about a pack raft is that you can take it almost anywhere. These rafts fold down to fit in a backpack, so those out-of-the-way fishing spots are now within reach. You’ll find packrafters on alpine lakes, quiet rivers, and sometimes even near the coast, as long as the water plays nice.
Environmental Considerations:
We're guests in nature’s home when we're out there, so let’s keep it clean. Live by the ‘leave no trace’ rule. Everything you bring, you take back, especially fishing lines and bait. And if you’re into catch and release, handle those fish with care - wet hands, minimal time out of water, you know the drill.
Regulations and Permissions:
Every place has its own set of rules for packraft fishing, and it's on us to know them. That means checking on fishing licenses and specific regulations. Some spots might have rules about where you can take your packraft or how you can fish, so a little homework before you head out is always a good idea.
Maintenance and Care:
Look after your gear and it’ll look after you. Rinse it off with fresh water after each trip, check for any wear and tear, and store it somewhere cool and dry. And pick up some basic repair skills - patching up small holes can be a handy trick.
Packraft fishing is more than just a hobby - it’s an adventure that brings you face to face with nature. It's about finding that perfect spot, drifting on a peaceful lake, or gently cruising along a river, all while being mindful of our beautiful waterways. It's an experience that opens up a whole new world of fishing, and trust us, it's worth every moment.
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Pack raft fishing
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