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Unmatched in durability and design, our dry bags are recognized worldwide as the top choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

At KiffLab, we're here to make your adventures dry, safe, and sustainable. We offer a range of dry bags, waterproof backpacks and waterproof duffels. Shop our collection of high-quality dry bags, made from eco-friendly materials, designed to protect your essentials.


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      Water, Sand & Dust

      Safeguarding your gear from these elements is vital when outdoors, ensuring everything from your tech to clothing and provisions remain clean, operational, and ready for your adventures.

      Dry bag protection
      Dry bag protection from water, sand & dust

      Electronics at Risk

      Venturing into the wild without waterproof protection? Say goodbye to your phone, camera, or GPS if they meet with water or sand.

      Compromised Safety

      Essential safety items like matches, medical kits, and emergency food supplies risk being rendered useless when exposed to moisture or dirt. In critical situations, this isn’t just inconvenient - it’s dangerous

      Clothing and Comfort

      Wet clothing isn’t just uncomfortable - it can lead to hypothermia in colder conditions. Protect your gear and ensure you stay dry and warm.

      Increased Expenses

      The cost of replacing water-damaged gear can quickly add up, making the investment in a high-quality dry bag seem minimal in comparison.

      Adventure Limitations

      Without the assurance of dry gear, you may find yourself avoiding certain experiences or locations. Don’t let the fear of water or dust limit your adventures.

      KiffLab fishing dry bag


      Our goal is to not use virgin plastics and to only use recycled content as much as possible.
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      The word "Kiff" comes from a South African slang meaning "cool".

      We're an outdoor brand that focuses on the technical & durable capabilities of outdoor gear with an ethos built around social responsibility.

      We share and understand the passion, commitment and sacrifices, when it comes to outdoor exploration. For this reason you will find a unique commitment in every product we make. 

      Dry Bags?

      1. What Is a Dry Bag Used For: To protect gear and belongings from water and moisture.
      2. Do I Need a Dry Bag: Yes, for water-based activities or to protect belongings from dirt and moisture.
      3. Are Dry Bags Waterproof: Yes, they are designed to be completely waterproof.
      4. What Is a Dry Sack: A dry sack is another term for a dry bag.
      5. What Are Dry Bags: Bags made of waterproof material to keep contents dry.
      6. Can You Swim with a Dry Bag: Yes, some dry bags are designed for swimming.
      7. How to Pack a Dry Bag: Roll down the top tightly, expel air, and seal for waterproofing.
      8. What Is the Best Dry Bag: A KiffLab dry bag that suits your specific needs and preferences. Function and size.
      9. What to Put in Dry Bag: Valuables, electronics, clothing, and essentials.
      10. What Size Dry Bag for Kayaking: Choose based on your gear, often 10-55L.
      11. What Is a Dry Bag For Swimming: A waterproof bag to keep swimming gear dry.
      12. What Is the Best Waterproof Dry Bag: KiffLab's dry bags are made from premium materials with welded seams to keep water out.
      13. Does a Dry Bag Float: Most dry bags do float, thanks to their airtight seal.
      14. What Size Dry Bag Do I Need for Kayak Camping: A larger KiffLab 20-35L bag for kayak camping.
      15. What Size Dry Bag for DSLR: Choose a 10-20L dry bag for a DSLR camera.
      16. What Is the Best Material for a Waterproof Dry Bag: KiffLab's high-quality TPU and recycled Nylon materials.
      17. What to Look For When Buying a Dry Bag: Check for waterproofing, durability, materials and size.
      18. What Size Dry Bag Fits a 15-inch Laptop: Choose a 20-30L bag to fit a 15-inch laptop.
      19. What Dry Bag Will Fit Tent: Look for a large dry bag, usually 30L or more, to fit a tent.
      20. What Is a Good Dry Bag for Snorkeling: A KiffLab waterproof bag to protect snorkeling gear.
      21. What to Pack in Your Dive Dry Bag: Dive gear like masks, snorkels, and personal items.
      22. What Size Dry Bag Inside Packraft: Optimal dry bag size for pack rafting adventures.
      23. What Is a Dry Bag Backpack: A backpack with built-in waterproofing for outdoor use.
      24. What to Pack in a Dry Bag for Paddle Boarding: Essentials like a phone, keys, and clothing.
      25. What Is a Kayak Dry Bag: Dry bags designed for kayaking adventures.
      26. What Is a Waterproof Dry Bag: A bag that provides complete waterproof protection.
      27. What Size Dry Bag Do I Need for Day Trip: Opt for a small KiffLab 5-10L bag for day trips.
      28. What Size Dry Bag to Buy: Depends on the items you want to keep dry; common sizes are 10-30L.
      29. What Can I Put in a Lightweight Dry Bag: Utilize lightweight dry bags for various purposes.
      30. What Size Dry Bag Fits a Sleeping Bag: 30L and above should fit a standard sleeping bag.
      31. What Is a Dry Bag for Fishing: Specialized bags to keep fishing gear dry and organized.