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KiffLab TuziGazi 10L
TuziGazi 10L dry bag
10L dry bag KiffLab
dry bag shoulder strap
10 litre dry bag
KiffLab 10L drybag
sailing dry bag
TuziGazi 10L Dry Bag
10l winter drybag
TuziGazi 10L Dry Bag
TuziGazi 10L Dry Bag
TuziGazi 10L Dry Bag

TuziGazi 10L Dry Bag

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More than a dry bag!

The TuziGazi10 waterproof dry bag is made from a thermoplastic polyurethane material which is environmentally friendly in its production, use and disposal. All our plastics and nylon are from recycled product. 

Made from heavy-duty, yet lightweight 840D TPU, this is a 10L that can hold its own in the harshest of environments. 

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Selina D
so far so good

It took me a few tries to figure out how to pack and roll it in a way that it wouldn't leak, but I've got a system down now and so far it's worked just fine. it's a bit small, but big enough for my solo beach afternoons. Fits a Turkish towel, a book, and a water bottle no problem. I hope it will stand the test of time and last a while.

Michael Clarke
Amazing product

Perfect size for adventure sports & kayak fishing.
Strong / durable, water tight.
Very well priced.

Top Tier part 2

I just recently got my 10 L Tuzigazi dry bag, and its the perfect size for my camera and drone equipment, its very light and easy to tote. Its perfect for floating and being on the river. I cant say enough about this bag. It's become aprt of my everyday adventure.

Debbie Bishop
Super KiffLab dry bag!

This is the best dry bag I’ve ever used and fantastic value. As a frequent kayaker and paddle boarder I’ve already used this lots and it’s the best one on the market at this price in my experience - I’ll definitely be back for more as it’ll make a great Xmas gift!

Aaron Chokbengboun
Best Dry bag

One of the lightest dry bag around! Very durable and can uphold all elements it encounters!

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Tough, durable and waterproof dry bag for outdoor adventures. Made of 840D TPU material, with fully seam sealed construction.
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KiffLab SideKick 20l, 10l & 5l Dry bag
SideKick dry bag
KiffLab lightweight dry bag
Sidekick Combo 20L, 10L, 5L Dry Packs

Sidekick Combo 20L, 10L, 5L Dry Packs

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Discover the eco-friendly dry pack innovation with KiffLab's lightweight Sidekick combo, featuring 20l, 10l, and 5l packs. These lightweight dry packs have set new standards in sustainability and functionality, ensuring you can embark on your adventures with confidence.

Our lightweight Sidekick dry packs crafted from recycled nylon materials, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to environmental conservation. You can explore the great outdoors knowing you're making an eco-conscious choice. Whether you're embarking on a day hike or a multi-day trek, we've got the perfect size for you. Using lightweight, and waterproof materials, these dry packs will protect your gear against the elements without weighing you down. Using a roll-top closure and taped seams ensures your gear inside stays dry.

Enjoy your outdoor experiences with Kifflab's Sidekick Eco-Friendly Dry Packs. #MakeAdventurePossible

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Our goal is to not use virgin plastics and to only use recycled content as much as possible

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As soon as I opened the packaging I could see that the pack was worth the price. It's definitely waterproof. It comes with a very versatile outer water resistant cover. The construction feels solid.


Have to say I’m pretty impressed. Once you’re loaded up and have the straps tightened & adjusted, this bag does a great job of transferring the weight of your gear to your hips and legs.


These bags are completely waterproof and durable. We've literally submerged all our camera gear underwater to test it.

Rove Productions

The backpack is epic!


I've only taken it on one trip thus far but I can say that it's performed well. The pack seems so well thought out. 


Bag is Good! Bag is Strong!

Caveman Webby

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