We’re doing our best to be mindful about how we do things and strive to lessen our impact through dedication to ethical and sustainable practices.  

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

 As consumers, we’ve become increasingly conscious about our purchases. For this reason, the KiffLab team have made it a priority to manufacture our products with a social conscience to make a positive impact throughout the lifecycle of the products, from the manufacturing process, throughout their use to when they are disposed.  
We believe that outdoor brands play a decisive role in forging a conscientious and sustainable path. While bringing our first product collection to life it was important that we selected eco-friendly and recycled materials carefully, without harmful chemicals. It was also important to us that we rely on partnerships with our suppliers that share these priorities: high standards of fair working conditions, low impact on the environment, and obsessed with making things that last a long time. 

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Online shopping has transformed retail. Unfortunately, it’s also helping change the environment, and not for the better. Having an order conveniently delivered to your doorstep is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Transportation of our products has a negative carbon impact. We have set up a carbon offset with every purchase to negate the carbon emitted with every shipment. Carbon offsets are a form of trade - when you purchase an offset, you are funding projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through this initiative you will be supporting and Wildtrust

Who makes our gear? 

We like to think of our Brand as unashamedly multicultural with roots in Canada, South Africa and United Kingdom. Our products are made and assembled by carefully selected manufacturers. We explicitly don’t produce in factories where we have concerns about the workers’ circumstances. We live in a global community and we’re very proud of our contribution to the communities involved. We will always look to suppliers & manufacturers whose values are compatible with our own. Our mission is to create a positive impact in every choice, every material, every item we produce. We are eternal optimists about the future and committed to contributing to a better tomorrow. We intend to fully embrace our responsibility to have a positive impact on the well-being of the communities we benefit from and weaving that obligation into the fibers of our business.  
KiffLab manufacturer

"We have carefully selected the materials and manufacturers we use in our products." 

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