Our guide to using and protecting your wetsuit

Wetsuits are an essential item for water-based activities such as surfing, diving, and kayaking. On average, a high-quality wetsuit can last between 3 to 5 years with regular use, but with proper care, it can last even longer. Here's a guide to using and protecting your wetsuit:
  • Drying: After each use, rinse your wetsuit with fresh water and hang it in a well-ventilated area to dry. Avoid exposing your wetsuit to direct sunlight or heat sources, as this can cause damage. Do not tumble dry!
  • Transporting: When transporting your wetsuit, use a KiffLab dry bag to protect it from scratches, tears, and water damage. Make sure to choose a bag that is big enough to accommodate your wetsuit without stretching or compressing it.
  • Storage: Store your wetsuit in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and sharp objects. Do not fold or roll your wetsuit, as this can cause creases and weaken the material.
  • Repairing: If your wetsuit develops a tear or a hole, repair it promptly to prevent further damage. You can patch up small holes with a wetsuit repair kit or take it to a professional for repairs.
  • Maintenance: To maintain the flexibility and waterproofing of your wetsuit, apply a wetsuit conditioner or lubricant to the inside and outside of the suit after every 10 uses or once a year.
By using one of our dry bags, you can help ensure your wetsuit stays in good condition and lasts for many years to come. Whether you're traveling to a surf or swim destination, or just storing your wetsuit at home, a KiffLab dry bag is a great way to protect your investment and keep it in top condition.
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