Lawrencetown Beach Surfers Alliance (LSA) Kids Surf Comp

Over the weekend, we had a blast supporting the Lawrencetown Beach Surfers Alliance (LSA) Kids Surf contest. Despite challenging conditions, the community came together to put on a great show for 80 competitors. The weather was good, the kids ripped, and the vibe was amazing! Every contender left with a prize, a hotdog, and a huge smile on their face. 
It's a great reminder that if a child takes up a sport, it gives them the opportunity to be active, healthy and driven to improve themselves. It's wonderful to see the future of surfing in such a healthy place for Nova Scotia. 

Lawrencetown Beach Surfers Alliance KiffLab

More about LSA
Mission: Protect, Preserve, Support.
Protect - the natural and man-made environment and structure of Lawrencetown Beach and surrounding area.
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