We've launched our Digital Gift Card!

Ever had that sinking feeling when you realize you've given someone a gift they don't like? Our Digital Gift Card can be the appropriate gift for someone special. 

  • When you buy something using your gift card, the total value of the gift card goes down by the amount you spend. 
  • If you're sending as a gift, simply purchase the desired amount with your account and then forward the email with the code to your gift recipient. 
  • You can’t redeem a gift card for cash.
  • When you buy a gift card, you don’t pay tax on the gift card. We will charge tax when you buy a taxable item with the gift card.
  • Denominations in Canadian Dollar. Checkout will show the currency conversion in your local currency. 

A Kiff gift



The word "Kiff" derives from South African slang meaning "cool".

We're an outdoor brand that focuses on the technical & durable capabilities of outdoor gear with an ethos built around social responsibility.

We share and understand the passion, commitment and sacrifices, when it comes to outdoor exploration. For this reason you will find a unique commitment in every product we make. 

Sustainable solutions KiffLab

Eco-friendly Solutions

Our goal is to not use any virgin plastics and to only use recycled content as much as possible.
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