We take on the Dusi Canoe Marathon. #21 for team KiffLab!

The Dusi Canoe Marathon is a thrilling and challenging canoe race that takes place every year in South Africa. It's one of the biggest and most popular canoe races in the world, attracting competitors and spectators from all over the globe. The race is not only a test of physical endurance and skill, but also a celebration of the natural beauty of the region. In 2023 we saw a different look to the race with paddlers setting off from the Bishopstowe Country Club and not the traditional start at Camps Drift Canal, with organizers wanting to avoid the Msundusi River through Pietermaritzburg. This was the KIffLab team's 21st Dusi, and most exciting with unusually high waters and big rapids. 

 Dusi Canoe Marathon 2023 KiffLab

Format of the Race:
The Dusi Canoe Marathon is a three-day race that covers a distance of approximately 120 kilometers. The race starts in Pietermaritzburg (start change for 2023) and ends in Durban, with competitors paddling along the Msunduzi and Mgeni rivers. The race is divided into different categories, including singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Competitors are required to navigate through rapids, portage around obstacles, and overcome other challenges along the way.

Dusi 2023 KiffLab

The Dusi Canoe Marathon attracts a diverse range of competitors, from amateur paddlers to professional athletes. Many of the top paddlers in the world participate in the race, and it's not uncommon for Olympic medalists and world champions to compete. However, regardless of skill level, the race is also open to anyone who wants to take on the challenge. The race is very much a family affair, with parents and children competing together in the doubles and mixed doubles categories, with loads of support from the shore. 

Dusi 2023 competitors

The River:
The Msunduzi and Mgeni rivers are located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The natural beauty of the region is simply breathtaking. The rivers wind their way through lush green hills, rocky outcrops, and fields of wildflowers, navigate through the rivers and portage around obstacles. It's easy to forget the physical exertion required to complete the race when you're surrounded by such a stunning environment.

KiffLab at Dusi Canoe Marathon 2023

Fun and Adventure:
The Dusi Canoe Marathon is a serious sporting event and a fun and adventurous experience, making it the perfect fit for our motto: #MakeAdventurePossible . Competitors and spectators alike can enjoy a range of activities and events throughout the race, including live music, food stalls, and merchandise vendors. There are also opportunities to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking in the surrounding areas.

 South African Canoe

Kade (KiffLab founder) & Trent (Broski) both finished with a fantastic time considering the 2023 river challanges.

Kade & Trent result 2023 Dusi Canoe Marathon

 Kade & Trent Dusi Canoe Marathon KiffLab

Finishing in second overall in the women’s race was our favourite paddler, Bridgitte Hartley. Fantastic result for the Olympic medalist and veteran paddler.

Bridgitte result Dusi 2023

 Bridgitte Hartley

Overall Results:

Video Credit: Dusi.co.za


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