Collab Giveaway

KiffLab was fortunate to run a giveaway with 3 amazing brands: Nature Backs, Earth Runners & Proof Eyewear

4 brands are better than 1...
All 4 brands are driving a business that encourages sustainable practices. At KiffLab we are particular regarding the materials we use, our manufacturing process, and the labor conditions. Being a small business, it is a struggle to find ways of lowering our footprint that are scalable to our operations. However, we use strong, adaptive initiatives that we believe make a big impact. You can read more here

KiffLab giveaway Naturebacks Proof eyewear

The giveaway had amazing prizes including: 

  • KiffLab TuziGazi 10L dry pack
  • Eco-friendly eyewear from Proof Eyewear
  • Sustainable adventure sandals from Earth Runners
  • Naturebacks adventure bundle (including hat, shirt, double hammock, flip trip bundle, and sticker pack)
  • National Parks Pass (US)
The winner of our pack was Miguel from Arizona. Congratulations!
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