Collab Giveaway

KiffLab was fortunate to run a giveaway with 3 amazing brands: Nature Backs, Earth Runners & Proof Eyewear

4 brands are better than 1...
All 4 brands are driving a business that encourages sustainable practices. At KiffLab we are particular regarding the materials we use, our manufacturing process, and the labor conditions. Being a small business, it is a struggle to find ways of lowering our footprint that are scalable to our operations. However, we use strong, adaptive initiatives that we believe make a big impact. You can read more here

KiffLab giveaway Naturebacks Proof eyewear

The giveaway had amazing prizes including: 

  • KiffLab TuziGazi 10L dry pack
  • Eco-friendly eyewear from Proof Eyewear
  • Sustainable adventure sandals from Earth Runners
  • Naturebacks adventure bundle (including hat, shirt, double hammock, flip trip bundle, and sticker pack)
  • National Parks Pass (US)
The winner of our pack was Miguel from Arizona. Congratulations!
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The word "Kiff" derives from South African slang meaning "cool".

We're an outdoor brand that focuses on the technical & durable capabilities of outdoor gear with an ethos built around social responsibility.

We share and understand the passion, commitment and sacrifices, when it comes to outdoor exploration. For this reason you will find a unique commitment in every product we make. 

Sustainable solutions KiffLab
Eco-friendly Solutions
Our goal is to not use any virgin plastics and to only use recycled content as much as possible.
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